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Congratulations to Rebekah W. who made first chair, first band for all region this year as a Freshman! So happy for her. She goes to area auditions in about a month. Everyone wish her luck!
A big congratulations go out to Parker and Julia for working so hard and making All-Region this year. We're all proud of you!
Make sure to check with your child's private teacher or band director (if they don't have a private teacher) for their recommendations. For my students, I recommend Vandoren V12 or Gonzalez reeds. Reed strength depends on the student. Local stores are often much more pricey than online prices. Check out good internet deals here and here.

Case Covers
Case covers allow students to keep everything they need in one place. Case covers like this can be pretty pricey, but depending on the size of your child's case, you might be able to find an inexpensive laptop bag that would do the trick. Just make sure their lesson books can fit in so they can always have their lesson book with them!

Music Stand
I've been known to tape my music all over the house to practice. Believe me. Practicing with a stand is much more fun. This is your basic music stand found in most band rooms. If you're looking for something that is sturdy, but can still fold up and get out of the way, this is a better option.

Clarinet Stand
A nice little gadget that makes practicing a bit easier.

Ask your child's clarinet teacher
Right now I have student's that I would recommend get all of the above. I also have students that are ready for a new ligature, new books, and new clarinets. So ask your child's clarinet teacher if there are any gadgets they might recommend.